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Wow, it only seems like yesterday when I was sat alone in my newly built studio (also affectionately known as ‘the shed’) at the bottom of my garden, about to embark on the Cracked journey and enter the unknown. Four years on and I am surrounded by a team of 11 utterly brilliant, like-minded people that I am proud to call Team Cracked, and a bunch of fantastic brands and clients that we work with that make getting out of bed every morning an absolute joy.

In my early corporate days, I was always the person that took time to say hi and have a chat. You’d often hear me before you saw me. Straight-talking. A little naïve. Common references to me were ‘enthusiastic’ and ‘bubbly,’ which always made me cringe as they certainly weren’t high-performance adjectives to describe someone aspiring to be in a leadership position. But for me, success in a role was as much about relationships and engagement as it was technical ability. And that is the approach I carried with me in building Cracked.

There are agencies by the dozen, but people after all buy people, right? So, a genuine and authentic approach to engagement and relationships both with clients and my team were where I felt we could build something different, and four years on it continues to be at the heart of how we operate. Not only is our team built on talent as you’d expect, it’s just as importantly built on every single one of us — regardless of our role in the business — putting our clients at the heart of it all, asking ourselves if we would be proud to receive what we develop for them, challenging ourselves in asking and answering the uncomfortable questions and caring about the brief as much as they do.

We find ourselves celebrating our 4-year anniversary milestone in lockdown and at a particularly difficult time for everyone, personally and professionally. Our industry has been hit hard, the new normal is yet to be defined and will no doubt evolve over time, but we really are all in it together. Team Cracked will be raising a glass (virtually) today to acknowledge what we have achieved in the last four years and to the hope of a bright future; for our team, our business, our amazing clients and our wonderful industry.

Written by Claire Nutter // 21st May 2020

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