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Now, if you’re anything like us here at Cracked, you’ll love a food trend. 2021 left us drooling for more at the thought of barbecued watermelons and more nostalgic cocktails predicted to hit the foodie scene in 2022. 

Standing outside, George holds a selection of plant-based options picked up from high street coffee chains, Caffe Nero, Starbucks, and Costa.

So, to kick off the new year we thought we’d bring you a quick-fire review of the hottest NEW vegan products in some of the biggest high street coffee chains in the UK. It’s important to note, this is by no means an extensive list of everything available this month, just a few humble opinions on what’s new and where you can find the best fuel for your lunchtime to help keep your Veganuary on track.

First up, Starbucks®.

Chocolate & Caramel Muffin

There’s not a whole lot of room to go wrong here; chocolate, gooey caramel and crystalised sugar tends to make for an excellent (if somewhat indulgent) mid-afternoon pick me up. This doesn’t disappoint. If you’re craving something sweet, this is the one for you. 


Tu’nah sandwich 

This divides opinion. We love the idea of it, our long-term vegans love that it brings back an old-time favourite, others are still yet to be convinced by the pea-protein (tuna substitute). 

6/10 (extra points for the creative name).

Strawberry & Vanilla Oat Latte

As one of team Cracked pointed out, it tastes like someone accidently dropped a Strawberry Cream Quality Street into the coffee. Whilst we might not buy it again, if Strawberry Cream is your go to, this could be right up your street. 


Onto Caffé Nero...

Plant Based ‘Sausage’ Ciabatta

Sold-out! We were unable to give this one a try as we were greeted by an empty fridge shelf due to the ciabatta being sold-out. We do, however, have it on good word from our Cracked team members who managed to get hold of it just a couple days before our vegan tour that the Plant Based ‘Sausage’ Ciabatta is delicious, and surely, a sold-out shelf can only back this up. 

Anyway, what we could try was the THIS! Plant Based ‘Chicken’ Arrabbiata Panini. This (no pun intended…) is absolutely our favourite lunchtime bite of the day. From the delicately spiced ragu sauce, to the incredibly realistic THIS! Chicken, it’s without a doubt the winner in our eyes. We’d buy this every day of the week, Veganuary or not.


Our final visit, Costa.

Vegan Macaroni Cheese 

We’re disappointed with the name. The others feel like they have a bit more flare, making your vegan lunch feel a little less like a sacrifice and more of a ‘fun’ experiment, but if you’re looking for something wholesome, then this hits the spot. It’s a cheesy, gooey, delicious bowl of macaroni that will certainly hit the spot if you’re feeling the chill in the air. 


BOSH! Chocolate and Pecan Slice

In collaboration with BOSH!, this is pretty delicious. A tiffin base, topped with a salty sweet caramel, pecans, and dark chocolate. A great choice of sweet treat when paired with your much needed afternoon cuppa.


Vegan options from high street coffee chains presented on a wooden table.
Final Thoughts

Overall, Starbucks has by far the most vegan options making us feel most welcome. Nero has claimed our top-rated product with their almighty panini, while Costa deserve their worthy mention for their strong vegan-game with both products scoring highly. 

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for next month’s blog post, in the meantime…

Have a cracking day x 

Written by // 17th January 2022

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