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The new food tech app is championing the small and bringing the best flavours right to your doorstep.

The pandemic has given rise to several new trends and led to multiple new foodie innovations. More time at home saw us dust off our recipe books and seek both comfort and exploration through food. However successful you were at sourdough it’s clear that home cooking has had a serious revival. A recent study showed that 50% of home cooks expect to be cooking from scratch more after the pandemic than they did before the outbreak.1

As a nation we’ve also become increasingly reliant on technology, whether that be moving from office to homeworking, keeping in touch with friends and family, or ordering supermarket deliveries. In fact, 46% of people say they use their smartphones more now than before the pandemic.2

Combine our re-kindled love for cooking and food exploration with our continuous desire for convenience and technology, and we have a compelling space for a new food tech Start-up. 

Cue Delli

The Araw delivery with a special thank you note inside.

Delli is a new mobile app in the UK that’s been dubbed the Depop of the food world. In their own words, it’s “a fun new platform where you can both buy and sell. As a buyer, you can enjoy exciting drops and support passionate independent producers. As a maker, you can share your food and drink with a new community eager to try new things.”

The layout of the app is similar to that of social media app, Instagram. You scroll down the homepage viewing a range of ‘drops’ which range from delicious looking bakes to small batch brews and everything in between. It’s user friendly, with the ability to ‘like’ drops or even ‘watch’ suppliers if you want to be notified of their upcoming drops so you don’t miss out. 

Of course, we had to try it for ourselves. We ordered the ice-cream sandwich bundle from Araw – a small batch artisanal ice cream company that started in lockdown. Our order contained matcha strawberry rose sandwiches (a fruity ice cream with delicate rose notes on a matcha cake) with a tub of coco raspberry lychee ice cream.

The founder, Keziah, missed the traditional flavours from her home in the Philippines throughout lockdown and started to get creative in the kitchen. After tasting it, we can confirm it was all delicious, with flavours we’ve never seen on the high street!

The convenience of an app, coupled with the draw of supporting small and local, means we think the founders of Delli might have landed on something pretty genius.

The app launched on Valentine’s Day with a focus on London. However, we don’t see why the app can’t become a much larger platform and deliver to a wide range of areas. The beauty of technology here is enabling sellers to set up and operate from within their homes while reaching markets far beyond their traditional scope without typical Start-up costs.

Here at Cracked, we think this is a brilliant example of a Start-up being born from growing trends. Filling a gap in the market due to shifting consumer behaviour and utilising technology, Delli feels timely, relevant, and something that absolutely deserves a spot on your home screen.

Have a cracking day, and why not go order yourself a treat. x 

Delli is available to download via the app store now.


Written by // 3rd March 2022

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