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The Crumb is the ultimate insight into the modern-day world of food and drink, from the marketing agency that’s fluent in it! As a team of marketeers, foodies, coffee specialists, and tech savvy creatives, we’ve wrapped up the latest insights and most prominent trends impacting the high street – so you don’t have to.

Cracked Food Tour, Kings Cross.

Throughout the year, we go from street-to-street, pop-up market to trendy café in search of real-time trends, carrying out our own research for this quarterly report. In this first issue of The Crumb, we set the scene with handpicked trends for the year ahead, from Cultures through cuisines and Technically speaking, to Brewed news and Planet-conscious.

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For more cracking insights and information on the places we visited, check out our Spring edition of The Crumb.

Written by // 26th April 2022

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