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We’re back with The Crumb – Cracked’s quarterly digest of the biggest insights and trends shaping the food and drink industry today! For the autumn ‘22 edition, we took to the streets of Soho, London, and got cosy with exciting new flavours and concepts – from small start-up food businesses, right through to the high street chains you know and love.

Throughout the year, we go from street-to-street, pop-up markets to trendy cafés in search of real-time trends, carrying out hands-on research for this quarterly report. In this issue of The Crumb, you’ll see how our handpicked trends have developed over the last quarter as we take you on a tour of Soho to seek out the hottest new flavours in food and drink.

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For cracking insights and information on the places we visited, check out our autumn edition of The Crumb.

Written by // 13th October 2022

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